Founders Backing Founders

Become a partner in a mutual exchange fund invested in companies like yours, through a shares swap. Get financial upside, peer-to-peer operational support, international markets knowledge, risk diversification and early liquidity.

Start up

You're a shareholder in an early-stage startup. Access a network of fellow founders vested in your success.


Swap a percentage of your shares with the same percentage in a mutual exchange fund.


Participate in the selection of next members, help them expand, benefit from their success.

KOLEKTIVA is a decentralised mutual fund and startup accelerator. We combine concepts from insurance and venture capital to reduce the founders' risk and increase their likelihood of success. 

We're an active group of founders committed to sharing experiences and insights. Every new member makes the others stronger. The group is linked with a network of angels and seed investors. 

Every year we create a special purpose vehicle for founders to join. We keep 30% of each SPV, providing legal & operating framework. We only make revenue at exits (no management or other fees).